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RF Joker Open Beta On 23 October 2017

RF Joker



Come Join Us RF Online Troopers!!!

RF Joker RPG Server

Open Beta On 23 October 2017 GMT+7 3.00 PM (WIPE-AFTER)

Hello Players! Rising Force Joker Online is releasing OpenBeta Testing server! Come join us and tell to your friends!

* Home: https://rf-joker.com/
* Download: https://rf-joker.com/?do=download
* Register: https://gcp.rf-joker.com/gamecp_register.php
* Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/RF-Joker-Online-1370946086350031/

Welcome to RF Joker Online

Hello Real RF Online Troopers,
Welcome To Our RPG Private Server.
We Hope All Of You Can Enjoy Playing On This Balance Server Without Overpowered Donation Or Items.
Let's Have Fun !!!

Halo Pejuang RF Online Sejati,
Selamat Datang Di Private Server RPG Kami.
Semoga Kalian Semua Dapat Menikmati Bermain Dengan Nyaman Tanpa Donasi Ataupun Item Yang Overpower.
Ayo Bersenang Senang !!!

Event List

We Have Some Event For All Players To Participate.

You Can Check Our Forum For Detailed Information About Rules And How To Claim The Rewards.

All Event Are Listed Below,


First Archon ( Premium Services 7 days + Money 500M + 300.000 CC )

First Consul,Strike,Defense,Support Team ( Money 100M + 50.000 CC )

First CB ( Premium Services 7 Days + Money 500M + 250.000 CC )

First Level ( Money 500M  + 250.000 CC )

First Nickname ( Money 250M + 100.000 CC )

First Grade 4 Guild ( Money 750M + 250.000 CC ) Guild Leader Only

Event Tag & Share <Promotion> ( Premium Services 7 Days + Money 300M + 150.000 CC)

QnA Cash Coin Reward ( 10.000 ~ 50.000 CC )

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